What is CBD?

A legal remedy to get the best out of life

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is a chemical compound that is extracted from the Hemp Plant. It is a naturally recursive substance that is then converted into a form in which it can be consumed, such as oils and edibles, amongst a plethora of other items.

The key here is to understand that CBD is a completely legal substance to consume. However, it should not be confused with the secondary cannabinoid, THC – which is illegal, due to its effect of creating a 'high'. CBD is not an addictive substance.

The World Health Organization has nullified any potential dangers that could come with the usage of CBD and actually endorse consumption – which is put into perspective when you consider that the UK host’s 7.3 million CBD users every single day.

Why should you use CBD?

All the benefits with none of the drawbacks

One thing that’s universal for all humans is the presence of the "Endocannabinoid system" (ECS) in their bodies. The ECS is an integral part of the make-up of our bodies as a whole because it contributes to the betterment of all the major organs in your body, as well as your nervous system and immune system. 

The Cannabidiol found in CBD oil is exactly the same as the ones found within your body. Essentially what this means, is that the ECS is a direct beneficiary of the consumption of the elements found within CBD. Imagine you could heal areas of your body and help promote a balance within it using an element found outside your body? Well, CBD is just that.

There is no such thing as your normal (or average) CBD oil consumer, and there certainly isn’t anything wrong or alarming about using it. Especially when you consider the long-line of health benefits that come with it, and to be able to get the most out of it, you need to pick the best oil for you – we believe Wisp falls right into that category.

So, why pick Wisp CBD?

The Complete Body Defence

We infuse our oral drops with natural terpenes – essentially, this works alongside the Cannabidiol to enhance a therapeutic feeling within the body, also providing you with a great taste.

We offer our products at a criminally competitive price, with our "wisp rewards" scheme often being a hallmark in our sales ethos. In return for your money, you can expect a product with the quality and naturality of any other product you’ll find out there. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return your item and expect a full refund within 14 days – but we have so much belief in our product, as is proven by our testimonials, that we don’t think that will ever be an option for you. 

Browse through our extensive range of items in the menus, and perhaps we can welcome you to the Wisp family too!