About Us

Being one of the UK’s most dependable and highly coveted CBD plants, we house a large inventory of CBD based products such as oils and creams, in addition to a horde of other topical CBD products.
Our most in-demand item is the CBD oil that we provide – and the reason for its popularity is the diverse range of flavours we offer. Whether you want the soothing sensation of a mixed berry flavour, or the summerset mood of a lemonade oral drop – we have you covered.

We also offer free shipping on ALL UK orders which exceed £20, as well as offering a 14-day exchange policy if, under any circumstance, you are disappointed. It’s worth noting that this has never been an option taken up by one of our customers, which is a testament to the products we offer you here at Wisp CBD.

It’s also worth noting that our CBD products are tested week-in week-out by our professional laboratory team, after which the resultant products are sent for additional testing from other manufacturers and laboratories – so rest assured, you’re receiving a product which has gone through every possible test to ensure your satisfaction and our guarantee.

In addition to offering a fast, friendly and reliable service, we take pleasure in offering you our stock at the best possible prices for the high class product you are receiving in return. If you need any other guarantees, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at cs@wispcbd.com.

Why choose us?

Consistency and convenience – Our ordering and shipping system is quick, easy and convenient for all parties involved. We want to go above and beyond for our customers which is why we dedicate countless resources to the betterment of our services. We’ve recently began adding articles to our blog, too, in order to keep you as informed as possible about the products you’re buying as well as the actual chemical-makeup of the goods you are consuming.

Unparalleled quality – We test our products through our own laboratory as well as an external UK Government backed laboratory in order to ensure maximum quality – any potential flaws are eliminated at the very first instance, so they will never be passed on the consumer products. It is this endless desire to provide the highest quality product which leads us on to the next reason.

Trustworthy – Our strenuous testing, coupled with our consistent and convenient ordering and shipping experience means that the service and goods we provide are as good as anything else you can find on the market. This is supported by our testimonials and reviews.

Price – We won’t overcharge you for our products, our prices are what they are due to the nature of the RAW ingredients we use. We have seen some of the same types of product being sold for nearly 3 times the amount we would sell for.

Oils – We have had positive feedback from our customers and have built a repeat customer base as they have found our products are helping them. This is because we have the resources to purchase Quality raw ingredients to manufacture the oils.