The complete guide to CBD muscle creams


21st century living is demanding, there’s no doubt about that. Packed schedules, limited rest, and a generation that has a strong emphasis on ‘’grinding’’ means that the human body is taking more stresses and strains than it ever has. The importance of relaxing your muscles in order to help you recharge for the next day cannot be understated.

This is especially true for people who exercise, regardless of whether they are occasional gym-goers, or if they’re the most laborious fitness freaks. Taking the right measures to condition and protect your body from the pressures it takes on a daily basis is pivotal in helping to reduce any muscular injuries. A part from the obvious measures to cool your body down, such as a proper warm-down, or a massage, there is a simpler, and possibly more effective, way of shutting your body down and putting it into a state of recovery: CBD-derived muscle creams.



What exactly are CBD muscle creams?

Infused with a broad selection of aromatic oils, CBD muscle creams are emollients that are converted into a slightly thick cream, and thereafter applied around the body, to help appease sore muscles: something that’s undoubtedly felt as you climb into bed after a long day of living life. More often than not, the oils are infused with soothing ingredients like peppermint oil, tea tree leaves, eucalyptus, and several other things to formulate the cream.

The creams form part of a wider community of cannabis-related products, and one of the universal attributes associated with almost every CBD manufactured goods are a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. They also tick the legality quota since they have less than a 0.2% trace of THC – the derivative of the cannabis plant that is banned in the UK and gives you that ‘’high’’ feeling.


What do the scientists and the lab rats say?

As I’m sure you’ve heard a dozen times previously, research into CBD is still very much in its infancy stage, but whatever evidence has been gathered thus far points overwhelmingly towards the natural healing properties within the plant. One such study explored CBD’s efficacy on inflammation, and concluded that it does have positive anti-inflammatory benefits.

Another study published by In Vitro that delved into the general pain relief provided by CBD creams also offered strong evidence in support of it. They gave a group of rats that were suffering from knee arthritis a few doses of CBD, and the findings showed that they immediately had a reduction in the pain they were feeling, as well as less inflammation around their bodies. (Please note that this was merely a scientific experiment conducted by dedicated laboratories. Wisp do not test any of our products on animals.)

A review published by Frontiers in Neurology showed further positive impacts in helping to reduce pain and increase mobility in people who suffered from multiple sclerosis. There is a direct link between CBD and a reduction in pain and inflammation, that is certain. This becomes abundantly clear when the Arthritis Foundation conducted a test of 2,600 patients with joint pains, and found that 79% of patients had either considered using CBD or had used it as a mechanism for relieving pain.


 Do CBD muscle creams actually work?

The creams are used to treat certain parts of the body, and soon after application, begin to supress pain in joints and muscles that are within a certain circumference of the region where the cream was rubbed. Your skin starts to absorb the cream, but it isn’t powerful enough to enter your bloodstream – which is exactly why it is ideal for people who want to use a mild form of therapeutic products to ease bodily pain. The time it takes to weave its magic can vary from individual to individual, but usually starts within minutes.

To put the cream under the microscope a little more, you need to first understand what the endocannabinoid system is (click here to be forward to our article). Beneath your skin, you have a massive network of cannabinoid receptors that stretch through every nook and cranny of your body, and they are given the job of preserving homeostasis in many of your biological functions: most notably, controlling pain.

A study by In Vitro, to do with cognitive studies, provided proof that CBD not only binds these receptors together, but also desensitizes them. This means that they can help mediate, control, and reduce pain and inflammation in and around the body. Some creams are also mixed with essential oils like peppermint and/or menthol, which has a refreshing mint-like sensation upon use, and also provides palliative and sanitary benefits.

Are you sure they’ll help my sore muscles?

When you move your body, microscopic tears begin to form within the fibres in your muscles: the more arduous the movements, the bigger the tears. It’s why working out is more likely to give you more pain than slightly more stationary activities, and why you’re more likely to hurt your muscles when you do strenuous activities. This is why learning to ‘’stop’’, and giving your muscles and limbs time to recover is so important.

Remember, this isn’t limited to just sporting activities – even mild bodily movements like walking can still put strains on your body, especially if you suffer from any muscular issues. It’s also worth noting that fibre tears aren’t only painful, but they also cause soreness around the areas of pain, further limiting your mobility, and also cause internal changes to your body, further highlighting the importance of soothing muscles.


To conclude:

Despite the fact that we’ve only scratched the surface with CBD, some facts about several derivatives and avenues of the industry are clear: chief of which is that there are painkilling elements within the plant. If you prefer not to inhale CBD, use drops, or consume edibles, creams and balms may just be perfect for you.

This is especially true for those who have any muscular issues. At Wisp, we have an extensive range of CBD-derived creams that produce a variety of fragrances and contain a plethora of ingredients: all of which are combined in unison to aid muscular recovery, limit inflammation, and restore bodily receptors back to peak condition.

We are a normal group of people who believe that the world needs to be exposed to the incredible positives attributed to usage of CBD and its bi-products. We are dedicated and passionate about what we do, and we believe that we can help you achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Browse through our range now to begin your Wisp journey:



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