Why has CBD suddenly become so popular?


Over the last few years, the word ‘’CBD’’ has been tossed around the globe more and more frequently as time goes on, and the natural herb has really begun to make waves across the health and wellbeing trade. Those include being a vital element of foods, cosmetics, natural medicaments and even drinks. 

CBD was once regarded as quite ambiguous amongst conventional consumers whilst being scowled upon by legislators, but it has proven all its critics wrong by going on to become a staple in what is undoubtedly one of the worlds most important industries. Every year since 2018, CBD products have begun to see an almost three-digit yearly growth. 

The much sought after substance is now distributed in the form of tinctures, can be found in cosmetic, and even mixed into hot drinks – how about that? One question that’s on the lips of people who don’t use CBD is why it’s become so popular now. So without any further a due, let’s delve right in. 

Here are four of the main explanations as to why CBD has suddenly become so popular and following those will be some further reasoning expanding on the subject. 


  • Legality – Whilst conventional means of consuming CBD (or THC) have often meant living outside the law, other means of use (through oils or pills) have been legal for some time now, but a lot of people didn’t know that. It is this newfound legality that leads me onto my next point .. 
  • Marketing – High street shops have seen a surge in CBD marketing in recent years, even firms like Holland & Barrett have begun to partake in the buzz. This is the result of a global push to legalize cannabis, and whilst the UK still hasn’t fully legalized consumption, certain means are fully permitted. It is this attitude towards suppressed CBD products that local markets are beginning to use to their advantage. 
  • Health benefits – Whilst studies into the benefits of CBD are still in very early stages, science has been able to prove that CBD can cure certain illnesses, but it just can’t yet explain how. All in due time. 
  • Increase in manufacturers – The amount of CBD consumers globally is increasing tenfold with every passing year, and it is this candy-store-esque rush that manufacturers crave. The demand is there, so the production must match it – which it rightfully is at current time. 

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is a substance which naturally grows in the cannabis plant. The substance can be extracted to eventually take one of two avenues: either being converted into marijuana or turned into a commercial form of cannabis. This is where thing’s get slightly confusing – the converted substance can then be further divided into two forms of cannabis: CBD or THC. THC is the component of the plant that makes you feel ‘’high’’. CBD, on the other hand, gives the user a more relaxed, controlled feeling. If you want to find out more about this, click HERE to be forwarded to a full article on THC compared to CBD.

CBD oil is known for providing a variety of health benefits and is often seen as a cure for various problems, chief of which are epilepsy and anxiety. As stated earlier, science and data have proven that CBD oil is an effective treatment for psychotic issues like epilepsy, but the extent of the substance’s other benefits are still up for debate.  Again, scientists know CBD can cure a multitude of health issues, but they just don’t know to what severity, how large the success rate is or even why it’s able to weave its cloak of magic over certain problems. With CBD becoming legalized in more and more countries, laboratories and governments have no choice but to invest money into the research of CBD – a win-win situation for everyone.

It’s abundantly clear that every era of the modern world has had its ‘’preferred’’ medicinal treatment. It’s well known that after the period of war, soldiers and common folk used to consume a LOT of narcotics. All throughout the roaring 90s, antidepressants were the favoured choice of sedative. 

Nowadays, it seems like anxiety and depression are a household issue among humanity. This spike has been directly influenced by musicians - young rappers, singers and band’s headline topics seem to be about how mentally unstable or how socially nervous they are. The cure for their issues? Marijuana. It is this ‘’cool kid’’ image that has rubbed off on society and ultimately led to an increase in the reputation of the substance among the populace. 

In addition to this, CBD is seen as the all-natural, pure, green, and nutritious alternative to pharmaceutical medications like Xanax or Helex. Jason Deland of Dosist once stated that, in short, CBD is today what Bitcoin was in 2016. You’d be silly to qualm that statement. 

Another noteworthy statistic about the use of CBD in the health and wellness industry is that the industry is one that is feasibly dominated by women. They are the gender that practically run the field, so it comes as no shock that they would be the chief’s in this new and exciting field of natural and organic compounds that, on the face of it at least, seem to be the alleviation of so many different conditions. 

Whatever way you look at it, CBD oil is destined to become the face and the makeup of one of the most significant industries in the 21st century: health and wellness. Not too far in the past, CBD was something that was frowned upon, but given the technological and scientific developments made by humanity in recent years, they really have a chance to study the cure-all plant. This spark in infatuation certainly means that higher powers cannot ignore it – the future looks green, after all. 


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