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Hemp Products


Hemp Massage Oil

  • 100ml Bottle
  • -Helps to keep the entire body moisturized and free from dry skin, leading to a healthier, shinier feel and look
  • -Helps with a plethora of pains, ranging from inflammation to muscle recovery, deep tension, sprains, soreness, and a host of other issues posed by 21st century living
  • -Helps to loosen stiff sections of your body
  • -Will help to lead to the best night’s sleep imaginable, allowing your body to enter a divine state of nirvana right before you shut the lights off
  • -Oozes a lavender aroma, so your other senses can also be tapped into a pleasurable state
  • -Not tested on animals
  • -Vegan friendly

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Hemp Oil Oral Drops 30ml

  • -We extract the oil from a selection of roasted seeds: only opting for the highest quality spores
  • -In tandem, our hemp oral drops are also a good anti-inflammatory agent
  • -Grants you a better nights sleep, as is universal for all CBD and hemp products
  • -Helps to supress a great many psychological issues, such as stress and anxiety, whilst refining brain functionality
  • -A known means of pain relief
  • -Helps to increase heart performance and promotes its health
  • -Not tested on animals
  • -Vegan friendly
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